SheConnex SheLeads Success Series

If you’re like so many new leaders and new entrepreneurs, you’re probably plugging away at it. Every day pursuing your passion-fueled small business or seeking inspiration to continue to climb the corporate ladder of success. This kind of wanting, and frustration when the results don’t pan out as you’d hoped for, can be exhausting, and heart-breaking.

So how do you find real-life know how, break-through skills, and true stories? You want the real stuff, the goods that will enable you to continue to pay the bills, grow your team, gain momentum in your career; or nurture your side hustle? All while you’re waiting for all of your success goals to actually happen.

I’ve been there. Both as a new leader in the corporate world and more recently as a new entrepreneur who launched an encore career. In both situations it was daunting. Learning how to lead, influence, attract great talent, join new organizations and be seen as the leader I knew I was meant to be, was an ongoing exercise in personal growth and stick-it-ability.

I’ve learned a few things along the way with over 25 years leading in the corporate world, while not-so-secretly developing an exit strategy and nurturing a side hustle that gave me the confidence to leap into my encore career full time.

One the tough days I’ve found myself wondering if I should just give up and quit my big dreams... but my passion always wins out. I remind myself how bad I want this, and therefore know that I’m ready to go all in and to figure it out as I go along.

The SheLeads Success Series Videos will provide you with real life examples of the struggles, the wins, the learnings, and the joy I’ve found leading teams and now leading myself in this new encore career adventure. I simply tell it like it is. No fluff.

Are you ready to take the next 4 weeks and step up into developing yourself into becoming the Leader you were mean to be… the Leader you damn well know you’re capable of being? 

Each week you will receive a new video that will introduce you to a new concept. By putting the concepts into practice it will ensure you’re building your reputation, gaining credibility, and attracting people who actually want to work with you.

The added bonus is the True SheLeads Stories that follow each video. SheLeads Stories are all about real leadership situations, real stumbles, real triumphs, and real coaching. You’ll see how set backs can be a set up for something better. You’ll hear how I overcame self doubt and how you can too. You’ll walk away with actual plans and strategies that you can put into action immediately.

Accompanying each video is a creative and fun worksheet along with a challenge designed to prompt you to consider the stories shared in the video and how you can best put the learnings into practice.

Watch the video as many times as you’d like. Take your time using the worksheet to truly kick start your next level of leadership or even hit the reset button on old practices and attitudes that are not serving you.

Video #1

When to Speak Up, Sit Up, and Shut Up

In Video #1 you’ll discover when to Speak Up, Sit Up, and Shut Up. Each situation can provide an opportunity to increase your reputation to be seen as a leader who is capable and has a strong future in front of them. Whether you’re leading an organization or leading in your community knowing how to best present yourself in these 3 situations can propel you towards success.

Use the worksheet to take a closer look at how you show up in your workplace, during a meeting, and with those you lead. Consider how best you can add value by adding your insight in each situation. 

Video #2

The SMonday Blues

In Video #2 you’ll discover how to make the necessary mind-shifts to combat the SMonday Blues. You know, those depressing thoughts about returning to a job you dislike that are totally ruining your Sunday afternoon. Are you pinning all of your success on the day you figure out what your passion is? Believing that your passion will lead you to your dream job? But how do you find your dream job when you dislike the one you’ve got?

Use the worksheet to peel back the shades of discontentment in your current role, job, assignment, or business and discover exactly what’s not jelling with you. 

Video #3

Instinct + Intuition + Creativity + Action = Success

By Week 3 you’ll be gaining traction, and inspiration to S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself even farther. In Video # 3 you’ll learn how I suddenly realized what was going to be my success strategy for all aspects of my business. You’ll hear stories of how following my gut instincts, trusting my intuition, and embracing my own creativity led me to confidently taking action towards my success goals.

The worksheet will take you through the 4 key learnings of how to reinvent yourself, and set yourself up for a new opportunity within your corporation or creatively consider a side hustle. 

Video #4

Your First 90 Days

In Week 4 you’ll receive Video #4 that will dive into the concepts proven to be successful as you lead yourself. Whether you’re starting a new role within a company, taking on a leadership role in direct selling, or launching your own business, your first 90 Days is crucial. You’ll discover key strategies to create momentum, while you’re re-branding yourself and getting comfortable with your new identity.

The worksheet will prompt you to plan your first 90 days with gusto. You’ll plan out the best strategies to make an impression, gain traction, and embrace your new identity and role.